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This industrial site in Eindhoven faced the challenge of having too little contracted power available due to grid congestion. Skoon delivered five battery containers during the summer period to ensure a smooth manufacturing process, powered by clean energy.

Mobile batteries as immediate rental solution to delayed grid connections.

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing

LOCATION: Netherlands

The Project

Ensuring the licence to operate

This customer needed 2 MWh of additional energy to ensure a continuous production process without catastrophic failures during the process. Skoon came in to design the rightly fitting clean energy set-up with 5 batteries.

Approach | A 1.25 MW power supply designed and delivered in just 3 weeks

Skoon collaborated with Groendus to analyse the power data with the decision tool to determine the total power need. Based on the derived power need, Skoon selected five 250 kW/ 500 kWh battery system from the supplier Rent a Battery. The energy systems were connected to the internal power supply of the customer which required a set-up with an IoT device and additional ethernet cables to ensure the fastest data transfer. This ensured a response rate of the battery set-up of under 2 seconds.

Supported by Skoon’s energy tools

Skoon selected the battery systems from Rent a Battery and used the decision tool to get to the selected set-up. During the project, the battery systems were monitored using the live monitoring software.


A hot summer with uninterrupted cooling that ensured a continuous and smooth process for this industrial client in Eindhoven, powered 100% electrically and emitting zero emissions.

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