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Skoon, the data-driven platform that helps you provide energy for all your projects    

The construction industry is doing its part to fight global warming by setting new emission reduction goals. Currently, the sector accounts for approximately 40% of global energy use. Only some of that energy comes from renewable sources. To combat global warming, new emission reduction targets are defined by the construction industry. With new (local) emission reduction laws, it is tough to keep up with construction companies. The latest law in the Netherlands even requires you to forecast your project’s emissions before you start.  

It takes time to figure out a project’s impact on the environment, which will hold up construction projects. A quick way to avoid delays is to use energy calculation tools. These help you assess your project’s energy usage and emissions in the design, construction, and operation phases. That way, you can make intelligent decisions and reduce energy consumption and emissions.  

Once the energy profile of the construction site is calculated, a second important step is determining how to power all that equipment. However, the market for clean energy systems is fragmented and complex, making it challenging for construction companies to select the right.   

System for their needs. There are numerous battery, solar and hydrogen technologies and suppliers, each with unique features and advantages. This makes it challenging for construction companies to compare different options and make informed decisions on building their clean energy fleet.    

Skoon simplifies the process by offering a central online marketplace with tools to compare and select systems. It also connects to live data, giving insights into your system’s performance. Plus, it lets you combine all your energy projects and see your overall impact. Win-win for everyone!  

In Short, Skoon’s clean mobile energy platform helps save money and improve the level of sustainability on construction sites. This way, construction project delays will be decreased whilst meeting legislative measurements and internal sustainability targets. This is how Skoon supports the construction industry in its goal to use clean energy, always.   

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