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Born in New Delhi and raised in Amsterdam, Kuldip Singh is a seasoned expert in the world of energy. Kuldip joined Skoon Energy’s board earlier this month bringing a wealth of experience from his remarkable roles in the digital and energy sectors. Kuldip holds two post-graduate degrees (CMA and CFM) and is a Harvard Business School alumnus.  

His career began in the 1990s at KPMG, where he first developed his skills as a consultant, and where he now serves as a board member—a role he regards as a moral obligation to give back to the company that shaped his early career. Additionally, he holds board positions at high voltage grid operator TenneT, illustrating his significant impact across various facets of the energy industry. Kuldip’s expertise in digital transformations and his international, diverse background make him an invaluable addition to Skoon’s team. 

To help you get to know our newest board member, we sat down with Kuldip and chatted following an intensive and insightful session dedicated to acquainting him with Skoon’s operations. We discussed his background, the future of energy, and what he is most excited about bringing to Skoon. 

Here are the highlights from our conversation: 

How does your experience in digital transformation align with your values and the goals of the energy sector?

I’ve always been passionate about making a difference and driving impact through digital solutions. The energy sector offered a unique challenge to accelerate the green energy transition through digitalization and advanced analytics. This alignment of personal values and professional expertise drew me to the sector and continues to motivate me. 

You’ve held significant leadership roles in your career. How do you approach the challenges of leadership, especially in the green energy sector?

The energy industry has traditionally been very conservative, but it’s opening up to more modern management practices. Diversity, inclusion, and agile ways of working are becoming more prevalent. My approach has always been to foster a diverse and inclusive environment, which is essential for driving innovation and meeting the challenges of the green energy sector. 

Strategic initiatives and future trends

Can you share more about the strategic initiatives at Skoon that excite you?

Skoon’s marketplace approach and its focus on mobile energy solutions are game changers. I’m particularly excited about the traction we’re seeing in Europe and the potential to scale globally. By focusing on specific verticals like construction and the film industry, Skoon can establish itself as a market leader and then expand into other areas. This strategic focus is crucial for driving growth and innovation.

Kuldip Singh Interview - Photo credit: Joke Schut/Management Scope

Electrification and renewable energy integration are major trends that will shape the future of energy. Flexibility in energy systems, especially in addressing grid congestion, is also critical. Skoon’s solutions are well-positioned to play a pivotal role in these areas, helping to manage the transition and drive significant impact. The key will be to stay focused on our strategic goals while remaining open to new opportunities.


What makes you most hopeful about the future of Skoon and the energy sector?

I’m optimistic about the energy sector’s future due to the increasing adoption of modern management practices and a focus on diversity and inclusion. At Skoon, the combination of a passionate team and a clear, impactful mission gives me great confidence.  

Talking about the mission, what attracted me to Skoon was the bold approach and the scale of the mission or the “moonshot” as it is known. It’s about thinking big – taking the successful models we have and scaling them in order to become the flexible layer on the electricity grid. We have the potential to drive significant change in the green energy transition, and I’m excited to be part of this journey.

We are excited to welcome Kuldip to our board and look forward to the fresh perspective and strategic direction he will bring to Skoon. His vision is not just about incremental improvements; it’s about transformative leaps that align with our goal to revolutionize the green energy landscape.

Kuldip’s expertise and forward-thinking approach are invaluable as we navigate the future of energy. 

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