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ROTTERDAM, The Netherlands – July 4, 2024 – Skoon Energy, in collaboration with Withthegrid and ACC, is proud to announce the launch of the project “Grid-connected Deployment of Mobile Battery Capacity” (NIMB), partly supported by a subsidy from the province of Utrecht.

Over the next two years, the NIMB project will investigate up to which scale mobile deployable batteries can contribute to mitigating the effects of the overloaded power grid.

Understanding Grid Congestion

The power grids in the Netherlands are overloaded. This is because more and more clean electricity is being generated. That in itself is, of course, good news. But all that generated electricity “doesn’t fit” everywhere on the current grid. Meanwhile, more and more companies and households are starting to use electricity. This creates a traffic jam on the power grid (grid congestion). The supply and demand for energy are simply too great for the capacity of the current power grid.

This leads to a major social problem. New residential areas cannot be completed because they cannot be connected to the grid. Companies are stuck with their expansion plans because they cannot get a grid connection. Schools that want to become more sustainable must fall back on diesel generators because the power grid is full.

Mobile Battery Systems as a Sustainable Solution

As long as the grids have not yet been expanded, deploying mobile battery systems can be a solution for grid operators like Stedin. In the province of Utrecht, the problem of grid congestion is significant and has a large impact on companies in the region. That is why the board supports this initiative with a subsidy. The province aims to be climate-neutral by 2050; hence it is important to support this initiative to ensure that it is scalable and future-proof.

How it Works

The “Grid-connected Deployment of Mobile Battery Capacity” project utilises existing mobile battery systems to provide additional grid capacity. These are batteries currently rented out for events or construction projects as a replacement for diesel generators. When they are not rented out, the partnership between Skoon, Withthegrid, and ACC,  ensures these batteries are connected to the power grid. Once connected, more capacity is created on the grid, helping to solve the problem of grid congestion.

Skoon team on site - tackling grid congestion in Utrecht with mobile deployable batteries

Key partners in NIMB

NIMB is a unique collaboration between Skoon, Withthegrid, and ACC. They complement each other and can jointly set up a large network of mobile battery systems wherever needed. Withthegrid ensures that the mobile batteries can be controlled in real time. Skoon provides software tools for managing and renting clean energy systems and integrates the batteries into the power grid system. ACC develops the trading algorithms and the system needed to make battery capacity available efficiently for different markets.

Pilot Programs and Future Prospects

Over the next two years, NIMB will launch various pilot programs to test and refine the deployment of mobile batteries. These pilots will demonstrate the scalability and effectiveness of the solution, paving the way for broader implementation across the province and potentially the entire country.  

Follow the progress

Stay updated on the NIMB projects by following the social media channels of Skoon, Whitegrid, and ACC.

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