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We are halfway into 2024. The energy landscape is witnessing a big transition driven by advancements and regulatory pushes. Inspired by ongoing conversations with partners and customers the team at Skoon Energy analysed its marketplace data. We have identified five key trends shaping the clean mobile energy industry.

More than 260 energy system types ranging from solar generators and container batteries to hybrid and hydrogen fuel cells are available to rent on the Marketplace thanks to our partners.  
Batteries have emerged as the most hired clean energy systems in Skoon’s marketplace in 2024 so far. They are accounting for an impressive 93.1% of all rented systems. Their popularity can be attributed to their versatility, reliability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of deployment, making them an attractive choice for businesses with diverse energy needs. 

Among the rented batteries, container-type batteries have proven to be particularly popular. They make up 62% of the total energy systems hired. Container-type batteries can easily be deployed for high power needs and adapted to every situation. In turn, they simplify the rental process and ensure reliable performance in various environments. 

The preference for large batteries aligns with the global trend of increasing energy storage capacity to support the integration of renewable energy sources and enhance grid stability. As the world moves towards a more sustainable future, the demand for flexible and reliable energy storage solutions like batteries is expected to grow significantly.  

B-Charge 500 kW container-type battery available on Skoon's rental marketplace

Batteries are followed by hybrid systems which are a combination of a battery and a backup generator, complemented by solar panels in 39% of all bookings. Hybrid systems make up 6.9% of the energy systems hired through Skoon. This is especially attractive for locations without access to a (small) grid connection and a high continuous energy demand. Applications, where power must always stay on, can gain extra comfort knowing the backup generator will automatically turn on when the battery is running low. 

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2. Dimensioning of kW and kWh: Understanding capacity demands 

The data from our platform shows that capacity demands for rented energy systems can range from 15 kW to 500 kW per energy system with specifics across different industries and applications.  

Industrial applications and grid reinforcement have higher average total capacities than traditional bookings – above 250 kW
Events and film sets are renting systems with capacities between 30 kW and 75 kW. While construction sites typically go for an average capacity of 50kW

Based on Marketplace listing prices, the average price per kW per day for the most popular capacity rented is as follows: 

  • 15 kW: € 70 
  • 45 kW: € 100 
  • 90 kW: € 105 
  • 120 kW: € 105 
  • 250 kW: € 157 

These prices come with additional discounts when renting for a longer period and/or renting multiple systems at the same time. 

The variations in capacity demands reflect the unique energy requirements of each sector. Industrial applications and grid reinforcement often involve power-intensive processes and the need for reliable, high-capacity energy sources. On the other hand, events, film sets, and construction sites have more modest energy needs, focusing on powering specific equipment or temporary locations.

3. Industry Insights: Who rents and what do they book? 

Analysis of our rental data reveals that the construction industry is increasingly relying on clean energy solutions and with 38.1% of all bookings made through Skoon in 2024 is leading the way. The construction industry primarily uses energy systems to power welfare areas. This application serves as a good first step for the adoption of clean energy in the sector preparing for more electric machinery. 

The construction industry is followed by film and television productions looking for silent power. The film and television production industry mostly uses clean energy to power their unit bases where actors change clothes and eat. In such areas, power demand is predictable and an accessible steppingstone to clean energy, while gaining confidence to power the entire set using these latest technologies. 

Lastly, grid congestion is another significant area where clean energy systems are being utilized. Businesses with large energy demands are turning to rental solutions to power their facilities during periods of grid congestion. 

Average rental time in weeks 

Grid congestion projects have the highest average duration at 41 weeks (and counting). This is explained by the longer interconnection queues. Apart from that and next in terms of duration of the rentals, it’s the Construction industry 

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The Netherlands remains the strongest market for clean energy rentals across industries. Driven by supportive government policies and a strong focus on sustainability. However, we have observed significant growth in other countries like the United Kingdom and Spain, driven by local ambitions and the increasing availability of clean energy technologies. 

Top renting countries

  1. The Netherlands 
  1. United Kingdon 
  1. Spain 

Italy and Belgium follow closely, with many rentals coming from the entertainment industry, specifically events and TV productions. The growing adoption of clean energy solutions in these countries highlights the increasing awareness and commitment to reducing the environmental impact of various industries. 

5. Combining grid services and the rental model for ultimate flexibility

Integrating grid services with the rental model has introduced significant innovations in the clean energy sector. Batteries and other mobile energy systems (like generators) coupled to the grid can deploy their unused capacity to deliver grid services, such as passive imbalance energy trading. Fully utilising the capacity results in lower rental prices for clients as well as higher revenues for the system owners.  

Now, already live at grid hubs, it will soon be possible to combine the two models at the same time. The combination of these two models can, for example, be used at night on construction sites with a grid connection or industrial sites that use their mobile battery for peak shaving on a few important moments a day. 

If we take the example of the construction site that trades at night, a client with a 45-kW battery can already earn back up to €144 of the approximate rental costs of €650 per week. This is next to all other savings realised from cutting fuel costs.   

Skoon facilitates this process by allowing every battery to participate in grid services when meeting the technical requirements.  


The data from 2024 so far from Skoon’s marketplace presents a compelling case for businesses and industries that have yet to explore clean energy renting.  

For businesses still relying on traditional energy sources like diesel generators, the insights provided offer a glimpse into the potential benefits of transitioning to clean energy. The flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and environmental advantages of renting clean energy systems, such as batteries and hybrid generators, can significantly improve operational efficiency and contribute to achieving sustainability goals. 

The industry-specific data showcases how sectors like construction, film and television production, and grid connections are successfully integrating clean energy rentals into their operations 

On a broader scale, the trends we continue to see through our marketplace reflect the increasing momentum toward clean energy adoption. By deciding on clean energy renting, ambitious businesses can position themselves at the forefront of this transition and contribute to the collective effort to combat climate change. 

Skoon’s clean energy rental Marketplace provides businesses with easy access to a wide range of clean energy systems like hybrid generators, tailored to meet their specific needs. Our software tools, including decision tooling, live monitoring, and reporting empower businesses to optimize their energy usage, track their environmental impact, and even generate additional revenue through participation in grid services

Our team of energy experts is ready to provide guidance and support in selecting the most suitable clean energy solutions for your operations. By leveraging our solutions, you can take a significant step towards a cleaner, more efficient, and more sustainable energy future. 

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