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Unleash the Power of Batteries

Looking for a sustainable and efficient energy storage solution? Look no further than batteries!

At Skoon, we offer a wide range of battery systems to reinforce your grid connections, power remote locations, or reduce your carbon footprint. Our eco-friendly options operate completely silently and require less maintenance than other energy sources, saving you both time and money. Join us today and take the first step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future!

Batteries can be used in different set-ups

Peak Shaving

A peak shaving setup with batteries is typically used when the grid can’t handle all the power we need. This can happen when everyone’s using electricity at the same time, and we don’t want the power to go out. So, with a battery system, all the energy comes from the battery, which is continuously charged by the grid. The battery acts as an extra power source, allowing us to meet short-term, high-power demands without any interruption. This way, we can balance our energy usage and keep the power flowing without any hiccups!

Island mode

We use the island mode setup with batteries when we can’t recharge the battery from an outside source. In this setup, the battery system keeps us going until it’s almost empty. Once we hit the bottom of the charge, we’ll have to find another way to power up.


This setup comes in handy when there is no grid connection to recharge the battery system. To recharge the battery system, we can make use of a hydrogen or diesel generator, in combination with solar panels. You might think it sounds counterproductive to charge a battery using a fossil fuel, but the truth is that this setup can reduce fuel consumption by up to 70-80%. The generator will recharge the battery automatically, using its most efficient load level, as soon as the battery reaches a predefined ‘state of charge’ level. And rest assured, the generator always prioritizes the most sustainable alternative.

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