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The power of batteries

Skoon’s marketplace offers batteries in all shapes and sizes: from a portable battery of 5 kWh to a mobile battery container with a capacity of 1 MWh.


Start saving costs and emissions today.

Clean eneregy, always

The advantages of renting batteries through Skoon


Wide selection and flexibility

The largest range of mobile batteries for any project scale, anywhere with flexible rental terms tailored to short-term or long-term needs.


Cost-effective and green

Enjoy significant savings with rental options that reduce upfront costs, while supporting your sustainability goals.


Full energy expert support

Our energy experts have years of experience in designing the right energy set-up to meet your specific needs.


Custom energy reporting

Actionable insights on your energy consumption from Skoon’s AI-driven software. Live monitoring, energy usage reporting and more.

260+ energy systems

Power wherever you are

From battery systems, and solar panels to hydrogen fuel cells – book all your energy systems in one place from the best suppliers.

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CO2 savings to date


Countries with local supply

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    Software tools

    Every clean energy product is unique on its own, the real magic happens when you use them together

    Skoon’s software not only helps you find the right energy system to power your ambition. It also provides all the tools you need to book, manage and report on your entire energy project.


    Book a fitting mobile energy system, locally

    Wherever you are, there is always a fitting green energy system available, locally. This reduces costs and emissions while ensuring a reliable temporary power supply, always

    Skoon's Marketplace platform: rent or buy energy systems


    Make decisions, based on data

    Make decisions using large data-driven tools, combined with your and Skoon’s experience. This reduces the risk of blackouts or high battery rental costs and relieves electricity grid congestion.

    Your energy profile


    Everything in one place, finally

    Reporting on energy usage and costs from one place allows for much better insights. Finally, it is now possible to combine all information into one actionable reporting structure.

    Emissions monitoring system
    Skoon's Marketplace platform: rent or buy energy systems
    Your energy profile
    Emissions monitoring system