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In our ongoing commitment to support the electricity grid we continuously expand our Grid Hub network, making way for trusted partners such as Atlas Copco Rental. Teaming up with Eddy Grid, we introduce the latest additions to our network: Amsterdam and Bentelo

The collaboration between Skoon Energy and Eddy Grid has proven to be a game-changer. Together, we introduce alternative revenue streams for mobile batteries, ensuring grid stability. At these hubs, mobile batteries managed through Skoon’s rental software play a pivotal role in grid balancing while generating additional revenue. 

Atlas Copco Rental – boosting weekly net revenue in downtime of up to €2,600/MW

By deploying these batteries between bookings, we ensure the batteries remain active. In turn, they contribute to healthier systems while generating additional revenue streams for battery and grid connection owners alike.  

With Skoon’s marketplace currently boasting a rapidly growing capacity of over 400 MW in Europe, the potential impact on grid stability and revenue generation is significant. 

Atlas Copco Rental, a supplier of reliable container-sized mobile power solutions, is an active participant in our grid hubs with their 250 kW/575 kWh battery systems on the hub in Amsterdam. And this is just the beginning. With plans to expand across multiple grid hubs, the initial results speak volumes – exceeding expectations and delivering significant revenue. 

Atlas Copco Rental’s batteries have proven to be excellent systems for grid services applications, providing great learnings, for example during rental projects at customers.  

With currently two of their battery containers (0.5 MW) currently on the grid hub, Atlas Copco Rental is generating a net revenue of €2,600/MW/week. This is a completely new revenue stream that would otherwise have been zero.  

E&CO Zwolle leads the way

More entities with large connections are joining. This is especially true when connections are not fully utilized and hence are an unnecessary cost for location owners. By preparing their connections to join the network of grid hubs, they turn unused capacity into a sustainable source of income. The revenue-sharing model ensures that everyone involved benefits from the utilization of available resources. 

The first Grid Hub in Zwolle, in collaboration with location manager E&CO, has set the stage for success with an initial setup of 800 kW installed. This has demonstrated immediate revenue generation setting the bar high for future expansions.

Expanding beyond borders

Looking ahead, the journey continues as we expand Grid Hubs across Europe. With additional locations expected in Q2 2024 and a network of decentralized hubs to follow throughout the year, Skoon is confident in making a tangible impact on grid stability, logistical efficiency revenue potential for clean energy solutions. 

Are you a battery owner, grid connection owner, or entity with substantial grid connections looking to make a difference while generating income?  

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