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Boost your performance with advanced add ons

Skoon is a full stack platform for clean mobile energy. With years of experience in the clean mobile energy sector, multiple levels of data-optimisation and AI have been developed. Now is the time to join the platform and scale your company using advanced analytics.


Emission forecasting & reporting

Forecast & report your emissions to measure and accelerate positive impact.


Energy notifications

Energy notifications makes sure you are always up-to-date on all relevant technical metrics


Energy data profiling

Energy data profiling supports you in deploying the most optimal clean energy system.

Using Skoon Suite above enables us to give our customers great service, we can easily see a potential problem through the monitoring system which allows us to contact the specific customer all logged within the Skoon platform. All notes on the specific site setups such as site operating times, sites contacts, historic issues, monthly reports to be stored and access in one central place.”

Mark ChamberlainDirector Green Power Hire

Working with Skoon and the Skoon Suite has been excellent so far. The software allows us to quickly serve our customers needs and saves us valuable time. Time we can spend on improving our products and service!

Tom BergischDirector Portabolt

Emission forecasting & reporting

Manage your projects emission forecasts

When working on large projects, the government or other relevant authorities often require insights into expected emissions.

Show your positive impact

Emissions like CO2 can be measured with science based methods, use Skoon to get your savings at the click of a button.

Decrease your overall emissions

Using live monitoring data and insights from Skoon’s team of energy experts, you can now decrease all your emissions to zero.

Energy notifications

Manage your business with peace of mind

One quick overview of all business-critical energy data points with automated notifications.

Support your customer with alerts

Make sure your customer doesn’t end up in the dark, with customer-friendly alerts on clean energy system data points

Optimise energy setups constantly

Using energy notifications, your energy setups can be optimised quickly and efficiently. This is even possible when you manage fleets of hundreds of systems.

Energy data profiling

Optimise energy setups

Using both live and historical data, the profile of your energy setup can be optimised easily, saving costs and time.

Show your customer

Not every customer has full insight into their own data. Improve your customer satisfaction by showing them their own energy profiles.

Forecast potential issues

Placing an energy data profile in the context of weather events, cost structures or other variable values helps you stay ahead of potential issues.