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A case study with the Zeven Heuvelen run in Nijmegen 

A running event can shake up an entire city. Thousands of participants and their supporters come to the town to participate in the event. Of course, the city is not set up for this; therefore, Skoon must provide temporary facilities. This means mobile catering, lights, music, toilets; you name it. are required to create a pleasant environment for the people at the event.   

The standard for these events was to bring in diesel generators to supply temporary power. Luckily, more and more cities no longer see this as an option and opt for 100% renewable powered mobile energy. As so did the Zeven Heuvelen run in Nijmegen for their three-day running event, the Zeven Heuvelen run! 

The sustainable mobile energy set-up saved 132 liters of diesel and 454 kg of CO2, equivalent to two two-way tickets to London by air.   

Let’s give you a bit of background on how Skoon did this.   

The case with the Zeven Heuvelen run was a bit more challenging than others since a publicly available grid connection or an EV charging point to top off the battery systems was unavailable within the designated area. Luckily, residents with private infrastructure were open to providing access to their charging facility, which made it possible to select a trailered system from Portable Power.    

 Skoon chose the energy system setup based on available data from a previous edition. Having this data made the energy system selection much more manageable. Skoon stores the customer’s energy profile precisely for this reason. With more and more data from these types of events, Skoon can optimise and automate the recommendation process on the marketplace even further.

fuel savings from the battery rental of the Zeven Heuvelen run

Fuel and CO2 emissions savings of the Zeven Heuvelen run

Like for every other project, the energy profile was stored and delivered back to the customer in the Skoon dashboard. We used the data to understand the reduction in fuel and CO2 emissions. In total, this saved more than 454 kg!  

The case with the 7 Heuvelen run perfectly shows that clean energy is possible in many cases. It requires a different and data-driven approach and sometimes some creativity. Skoon aims to provide all the tools and expertise to offer trustworthy, clean mobile energy setups. When can we power your running event?